Animal Alley Zoo

Animal Alley Zoo Since the 1990’s Animal Alley Productions has been performing exotic animal presentations for schools, fairs, and special events. In 2017 Animal Alley Productions acquired Dinosaur Junction, which was rebranded into the Dino Trail of today with all new displays and brand new hidden leg dinosaurs. Theses exciting audience interactive [...]

Knocker Ball

Knocker Ball What could be more fun than a group of close friends running full speed directly at each other, in a safe and controlled bubble? Featured Video Featured Events

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical Bull The Clarion County Fair is excited to provide fun for all ages with a mechanical bull! They are one of the favorite entertainment activities for the young and old alike! Their mechanical bull can make a great photo for years to come. Stop by and take a ride! [...]

Mobile Glass Studios – Glass Blowing

Mobile Glass Studios - Glass Blowing The Mobile Glass Studios are skilled glassblowers that turn a 2000-degree liquid into numerous items from vases to cups to fish and wildlife sculptures. Fairgoers can see FREE demonstrations of the lost art of glassblowing, which promise to educate and amaze. And once you’ve seen items [...]

Velcro Wall

Velcro Wall The giant inflatable Velcro Wall is a smash hit! Take a running leap from the bouncy platform and launch yourself into the air! Put it all out there and go whole hog! The better the launch, the higher you will stick! Try for crazy landings, upside downs, or just see [...]

Axe Women of Maine

Axe Women of Maine When you want great old fashioned family fun, the Axe Women Loggers of Maine show is where it’s at! The all female timber sports athletes are world champion choppers, sawyers, logrollers and axe throwers! ​Individuals in the group hold several world records and titles! [...]