Clarion County Fair
Premium Book

Download the complete Clarion County Fair Premium Book below or
click on the departments to download individual sections.
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Entire Premium Book

Download the complete Premium Book here. Click sections below to download individual departments.

Department 1: Horses

Includes: Contact Information, Health Rules for Horses, Rules and Regulations, Open Horse Show, Open Game Show. Horse Pulling Contest. Download the Department 1: Horses section here.

Department 2: Dairy Cattle

Includes: Rules and Regulations, Open Shows, Open Classes,Open Dairy, Download the Department 2: Dairy Cattle Section here.

Department 3: Beef Cattle

Includes Information. Download the Department 3: Beef Cattle section here.

Department 4: Sheep

Includes Health Requirements and Rules and Regulations. Download the Department 4: Sheep section here.

Department 6: Dairy & Meat Goats

Includes Goat Health Regulations, Rules, Pack Goats and Harness/Hitch. Download the Department 6: Dairy & Meat Goats section here.

Department 9: Rabbits

Includes Health Regulations, General Rules and Meat Rabbit Rules. Download the Department 9: Rabbits section here.

Department 10: 4-H & Vocational

Includes Eligibility, General Rules, Contest and Information. Download the Department 10: 4-H and Vocational section here.

Department 11: Youth Under 19

Includes 4-H or FFA Youth Under 19 Information. Download the Department 11: Youth Under 19 section here.

Department 12: Hay-Grain

Include: Grain & Seed Crops Hay Contest & Entry Information, Silage, Broom,Corn. Download the Department 12: Hay-Grain section here.

Department 13: Adult Home Economics

Includes information on Vegetables. Download the Department 13:Adult Home Ecomomics section here.

Department 15: Home & Dairy Products

Includes: Baked Products, 20th Annual Blue Ribbon Apple Pie Contest, "Bring Out Your Best" Adult Food Preparation, Peqap Angel FoodCake Contest, Hershey, Chocolate Cake Baking Contest, Hershey Cookie, Brownie, or Bar Baking Contest, Canned Products Butter, Honey Spreads, Jams, Jellies, Marmalades. Download the Department 15: Home & Dairy Products section here.

Department 17: Floral Exhibits

Includes: Flowering Plants, Foliage House Plants, Specimen Flowers-Annuals, Specimen Flowers-Perennials, Artistic Arrangements. Download the Department 17: Floral Exhibits section here.

Department 18: Needlecraft

Includes: Clothing, Needlework, Afghans & Quilts Rugs. Download the Department 18: Needlecraft section here.

Department 19: Photography Crafts

Includes: Fine Arts & Photography, Photography, Handcrafts. Download the Department 19: Photography Crafts section here.

Department 20: Group Exhibits

Includes: Exhibit Judging Scorecard, Granges,Others. Download the Department 20: Group Exhibits section here.

Department 22: Major Contests

Includes: General Rules, Farm Stock Tractor Pull, Open Stock Tractor Pull, Antique Tractor Pull, Antique Tractor Pull Pre-Registration, Antique Tractor Show, Antique Tractor Show Pre-Registration, Drug Awareness Poster Contest, Coloring Contest, Leadline Contest, Vet-Client-Patient Relationship Form. Download the Department 22: Major Contests section here.

Exhibitor Entry Form

Download the Exhibitor Entry Form here.