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Wild About Robots “Captain America”

Wild About Robots “Captain America” – We offer an extremely entertaining experience for your guests like no other. The Robots all interact with guests at your event. This is a memorable experience like no other. Groups of all ages love Robots and the show.

BEEP ZAP! . . . It’s a ROBOT! And a super impressive one too, wait look, it is Iron Man!! the most famous SuperHero ever! They let you get up-close and personal with these Robot legends. You’ll step into a time in the future where you meet these impressive characters. Everyone loves to make friends and get their picture with their favorite robot or character. Each Robot creates a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime, meet and greet that is the perfect family experience.

Awe-inspiring and educational. Each Robot creates a totally epic encounter from a world you just cannot gain access to. Wild About Robots is the biggest thrill in many years to grace a fairground which otherwise has been impossible until now! For unimaginable family fun of legendary proportions . . . meet the cast and crew of Wild About Robots

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